Van Zomeren Buizen was founded in 1971 by the late Mr. E.C.C. van Zomeren. Mr. Van Zomeren started his career at Jaagstaal. After a few years as employee he started his own company, called Van Zomeren Buizen B.V. located in Mill. He started of as an agent for Hoberg&Driesch, in Düsseldorf, distributing seamless pipes throughout the Netherlands. After a short period of time he became independent en was no longer working for the agency.

Van Zomeren Buizen B.V. was (and still is) the specialist in seamless pipes and dedicated to quick deliveries. Besides Mr. Van Zomeren, whom mostly took care of the orders and request by phone, two other agents were also present; Bart Ranke and Theo van Erp. For more than 10 years Van Zomeren Buizen B.V. has been the preferred supplier of pipes for the dutch road signs.

After many years of succes and becoming an icon in the industry, Mr. Van Zomeren passed away at the age of 68 years. Currently Van Zomeren Buizen is run by Mrs. Eugenie Fransen – van Lieshout.